Spring/Summer Makeup Tutorial Featuring Oh My Lash Chelsea Lashes Review!

Good evening beauties, shine, shine, shine! I have a really fun Spring/Summer Minty Colored tutorial for you guys today. I created this tutorial as a contest entry and wanted to something with the color Mint to match my dress. This look is extremely wearable and would work for an event, as well as a special holiday.

Minty Look Cover

Products Used:
  • Korpse Kosmetics – Apollo From The Like The Gods Collection
  • Lime Crime – Lipstick in Babette
  • NYX – Jumbo Pencil in Milk
  • Oh My Lash – Lashes in Chelsea
  • Sugarpill – Limited Edition Pastelle
  • Too Faced – Shadow Insurance
  • Ulta Beauty – Eyeshadow in Biscuit


These are the Chelsea Lashes from The Sweetheart Collection by Oh My Lash! I really like these lashes, I feel like they’re wearable enough for everyday wear and even glam enough for night looks. Oh My Lash always provides wonderful high quality lashes in tons of different styles.
Be sure to check out Oh My Lash, you'll love it and forget how you ever lived without their gorgeous lashes in your life!

Minty Look Close Up
Here’s a close up, of what they look like on. I think they’re subtle with just enough flare so they would look great on everyone. These lashes are very lightweight, so they feel like they're barely there. The Chelsea Lashes retail for $2.25.

The packaging for this collection is super cute! I love the vintage style Pin-Up on the packaging, it has a really fun look to it. The pinstripes on the back are cute, and I enjoy how it transitions from polka dots on the front to stripes on the back. Oh My Lash really goes all out on their packaging of all their products. It’s always unique and fun patterns & colors.I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy it when companies put extra effort into their packaging.

Oh My Lash offers a wide variety of lashes for very affordable prices. There is literally a lash style for everyone. As a matter of fact Oh My Lash is running a 4th Of July sale right now!


Good evening beauties, shine, shine, shine ! Celebrate #‎independenceday‬ with Oh my, Lash by taking advantage of their amazing sale ending July 4th 11:59 PM PST. Buy the ‪#‎DollBundle‬ of‪#‎Lashes‬ and you'll get a ‪#‎Free‬ bundle of the unreleased ‪#‎GalaxyCollection‬ lashes. All other lashes are 25% Off, & ‪#‎FreeShipping ‬for all orders over $25!

This deal is only available for a limited time so act now! After that the Galaxy Collection won’t be available again for some time, so don’t miss out.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to lashes, so I’m going to put up a kind of Lash 101 video and cover everything you’ve ever wanted to know about lashes. Be on the lookout for that video in the next couple of days. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. I wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July in advance. Also something really exciting, I’m going to be hosting a series of giveaways during the month of July as a sort of celebration for my YouTube 5 year anniversary.

Sugarpill Elektro Cute Pigments Are Back In Stock!


Good evening beauties, shine, shine, shine! All of Sugarpill’s Elektro Cute Pigments Collection is back in stock!

Such a gorgeous collection, I myself have all of them except the orange one which is Supercharged.


Love Buzz Elektro Cute Packet

Love Buzz Elektro Cute Pigment

Love Buzz is a brilliant neon hot pink with yellow/orange/red color-shifting super sparkles.

Supercharged Elektro Cute Pigment

Supercharged is a flaming coral orange with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.

Hi-Viz Elektro Cute Pigment

You could never get lost in a crowd with this one! Hi-Viz is a blazing neon yellow with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.

Sparkage Elektro Cute Pigment

Sparkage is a radioactive lime green with blue/green/gold color-shifting super sparkles.

Hellatronic Elektro Cute Pigment

Hellatronic is a flourescent indigo with red/purple/blue color-shifting super sparkles.


Get Your Sugarpill Here:

Hope you all are having a fangtastic week!


Sugarpill’s Heavenly Creatures Nail Lacquer Collection!




Good evening beauties, shine, shine, shine!This new Collection features 10 gorgeous new nail polishes from Sugarpill

Nail Lacquer Collection

You can get the entire collection of all 10 nail Polish HERE.

Angel Cake Polish

Angel Cake

Angel Cake Swatch

Angel Cake is a multi-colored glitter in a pastel peach base. Super Sweet!


Catmosphere Nail Polish


Catmosphere Swatch

Pool Party! Catmosphere is a mutli-colored glitter in a bubblegum aqua blue base.


Celestia Nail Polish


Celestia Swatch

Feeling like a fancy rich girl. Celestia is the most glamorous pink and champagne glitter in a color-shifting holographic, metallic gold base. It looks amazing on it’s own, or layered over a colored base to create your own custom looks.


Cloud Castle Nail Polish

Cloud Castle

Cloud Castle Swatch

Stay cute forever, sugar baby! Cloud Castle is a pastel glitter floating through pink cotton candy clouds.


Divinity Nail Polish


Divinity Swatch 2

Divinity has the flashiest gold glitter of varying sizes with a subtle sprinkling of silver holographic glitter. Because you’re the queenest of queens. It looks amazing on it’s own, or layered over different colored bases to create a never ending assortment of your own custom looks.


Electric Halo Nail Polish

Electric Halo

Electric Halo Swatch

Every day will feel like a celebration of awesomeness with this beautiful nail polish on. Electric Halo is a hypnotic blend of holographic silver glitter in varying sizes. It looks amazing on it’s own, or layered over different colored bases to create a never ending assortment of your own custom looks.


Meteora Nail Polish


Meteora SwatchMeteora is a romantic swirl of multi-colored glitter in a black base that’ll make you wanna make out in a dark alley under the stars.

Space Junk Nail Polish

Space Junk 

Space Junk Swatch

Space Junk is a party on your nails! A kaleidoscope of multi-colored glitter in a Barbie pink base. Girl talk, sleepovers, and Angelyne sightings


Starcastic Nail Polish


Starcastic Swatch 2Starcastic is a chunky multi-colored glitter in a deep violet base.


Supermoon Nail Polish


Supermoon Swatch

Supermoon has turquoise glitter of varying sizes in a color-shifting, holographic base with a violet sheen. It looks amazing on it’s own, or layered over colored bases to create your own custom looks!


Which of the Heavenly Creatures Collection Nail Polishes are your favorites? My top 3 picks are Catmosphere, Cloud Castle, and Meteora. Which ones will you be picking up? Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing from all of you!

Hope you’re all having a fangtastic week!


Super Beauties Coming Soon To OhMyLashX!

Hello beauties! Shine, shine, shine I have something really exciting to share with you all. Oh My Lash has an amazing new comic book themed collection launching next week, to Oh My Lash the collection is called the Super Beauties Collection. This collection is a one of a kind, meaning you have never seen lashes like these before! What’s so different about these lashes, you ask? They’re triple-stacked lashes, and completely custom designed by the Oh My Lash team! 
Here’s a sneak preview video so you can see what they all look like:
The collection features 6 triple stacked lashes of various styles, so there’s a little something for everyone. Some even have glitter on them, which makes them even more amazing!
The 6 Lashes are:
  • Amazonian Beauty -  These are inspired by Wonder Woman
  • Feline Beauty – These are inspired by Catwoman
  • Resurrected Beauty – These are inspired by Jean Grey/Phoenix
  • Tempest Beauty – These are inspired by Storm From X-Men
  • Unseen Beauty – These are inspired by Invisible Woman Sue Storm
  • Venomous Beauty – These are inspired by Poison Ivy
So far I have 2/6 lashes to share with you beauties this evening.  I got my hands on the Venomous Beauty lashes, and the Feline Beauty lashes.
Venomous Beauty Lashes
Venomous Beauty
The Venomous Beauty are loaded with glitter, these pics do their sparkle no justice. They’re so much more sparkly in person. My favorite aspect about these are how densely packed they are, this is my favorite kind of lash style.

Feline Beauty Lashes
Feline Beauty
The Feline Beauty are very full, plush thick lashes with just a hint of purple in them. They’re super fun, and I think these would be fangtastic to incorporate more color into an everyday makeup without going overboard. Very pretty and will make your eyes say, “Meow”!
Get Your Lashes Here:
They’re also running a special deal right now, Free Shipping with orders of $20 or more! The special ends Saturday 5/23 at 11:59PM PST!

Pink Beauty Coundil Logo 
I’m currently participating in a collaboration with other fellow beauties from the Beauty Council. Each of us were assigned a (lash/character) to create 2 looks for, my character was Poison Ivy which is going to be so fun to do. I have some ideas to do a whole new take on the character inspired looks, I can’t contain my excitement and will be sharing my looks very soon! It will be really neat to see everyone’s take on their character looks.

What’s even more brilliant is, that Oh My Lash will be hosting a giveaway to win some of these amazing lashes, so be sure to follow them on all social media outlets.

Hope everyone is having a fangtastic weekend!

TCPG MEGA Giveaway

Welcome to the Top Child Products of 2015 Guide MEGA Giveaway!
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Good Luck Everyone!

Monster High: Kiyomi Haunterly Makeup Tutorial Featuring Review Of OhMyLashx Calli Mink Lashes!


Kiyomi Haunterly

Kiyomi Haunterly Glam Collage

List Of Products:
  • Korpse Kosmetics – Cleo From The Too Ghoul For School Volume 2 Collection
  • Korpse Kosmetics – Glitter in Bird Of Paradise
  • Korpse Kosmetics – Glitter in Unicorn Blood
  • Lime Crime – Uniliners in Lunar Sea, Blue Milk, & Orchidaceous
  • Lime Crime – Velvetine in Utopia
  • NYX – Jumbo Pencil in Milk
  • Oh My Lash – Lashes in Calli Mink
  • Sugarpill – Tako
  • Sugarpill – Lumi
  • Sugarpill – Candy Crush
  • Sugarpill – Pastelle
  • Too Faced – Shadow Insurance

For 20% Off Your Entire Order Use My Code:



I’ve best testing out the Oh My Lash Lashes in Calli Mink from the Muse Collection, for a couple weeks now and I love them! Everyone has their favorite type of eyelash, this one is mine. My favorite kind of lashes are long, full, and very densely packed together lashes. The Calli Mink lashes come in both a single set and a triple pack. I am always using lashes in my looks, so I thought it would be a better value to buy the 3 pack. The single pack retails for $16 and the triple pack is $45. OhMyLashx is always running great sales, be sure to check them out on Facebook, & Instagram!


The Calli Minks are my go-to lash, they’re super soft and perfect for glamming up your look; they’re even great for everyday wear. With proper lash care, a single pair can last you 80 or more uses!


Oh My Lash provides high quality lashes at affordable prices. They have dozens of different designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes.


I also wanted to update you guys on an amazing community I’ve joined recently, the Oh My Lash Beauty Council! It’s a dedicated beauty community to share looks, product sneak peeks, resources and encouragement with one another. They also happen to be recruiting starting in mid May, so if you’re interested head on over to the Oh My Lash Beauty Council Instagram, and sign up:

My favorite part about the Beauty Council is seeing all the unique looks everyone creates and collaborating with others. There’s also an even bigger opportunity to make money as an Oh My Lash Affiliate. So far I’ve really enjoyed being part of both the Beauty Council & affiliate program.
Here are some other looks I created using the Calli Mink Lashes:

Frankie Stein Shadow Version Full Face Makeup


Jinafire Long Full Face Look


I hope everyone enjoyed my Kiyomi Haunterly Haunted Spring Makeup Tutorial! Have a fangtastic weekend! If you have any ideas for looks you would like to see, or items you would be interested in for a giveaway let me know down in the comments, I love hearing from you all!


I am an affiliate of Oh My Lash, but that in no way sways my opinion on this product. My reviews are 100% honest and unbiased. I only share products I generally love on my blog. However, I did purchase all the lashes in this post myself.